a journey through life and love after loss


My name is Maeghan Garcia, and I am originally from Miami, Florida. I started a blog in March of 2015 when I unexpectedly lost my husband. We were both 28 years old at the time and I was 7 months pregnant with our first and only child, Mason. My late husband, Lt. Rafael “Ralf” Garcia, was a popular and respected City of Miami Firefighter who lost his life to a brain tumor just 10 days after he was diagnosed. Because he was loved by so many throughout our community, the response to his passing was incredible. Hundreds of people attended his funeral and provided both emotional and financial support to our entire family. The experience still feels surreal.

I took a break from writing for a while as I navigated through grief. At the start of 2017, though, I decided that I wanted to return to doing something I loved to do and that so many seemed to appreciate – to write. If you are reading this, I’d like to welcome you to my journey through life and love after loss. I speak from my own personal experiences; I share my feelings, my struggles, and my new blessings as I move forward along the broken road. I hope you find inspiration here.