Along the Broken Road

The Little Things

I see and feel Ralf in every corner of every room of this house. Everywhere I look, there is a memory. Things that at the time seemed silly or insignificant are now moments that I wish I could have held on to forever. Even the things that drove me absolutely nuts, I find myself aching for now. Like the way he would steal my glasses because we had pretty much the same prescription and he had been missing his own for months. The way he would leave the containers for his daily contact lenses EVERYWHERE. Seriously, you would think he had been allergic to the waste basket or something. Oh, and a hamper allergy too because I’d find socks in places you wouldn’t believe. The way he would hoard junk mail, or open letters but then leave empty envelopes all over the kitchen counter and our dining room table. I even miss our disaster of a garage (he treated it like a dumping ground for all his fancy tools and gadgets that he loved and didn’t really need) and his truck that almost required a hazmat suit to enter. I’d give anything to still be able to complain about these things.

Enjoy the little things

I was in the checkout line at TJ Maxx a few months ago and saw this sign. It really struck me and something told me I just had to buy it. Maybe I didn’t know it at the time, but God was trying to send me a message.

We had an inside joke. Whenever he would do something that would totally get on my nerves, I would look up toward the sky and wave my hands and say, “I love this man. I love this man. God, please remind me how much I love this man.” We would both laugh. He knew as well as I did that I never really needed a reminder.

Like I’ve said before, even though Ralf was an amazing husband and life partner, neither he nor our relationship were perfect. We had our share of struggles, as does any couple. We disagreed. We both let our pride and stubbornness get in the way from time to time. But in the end, we always found our way back to each other because we knew our love was greater than our trials. Looking through old notes again, I found this and I think Ralf put it best:

“Just as you know I am not perfect, I know you are not. Like you said, perfect does not exist. But I still believe in perfect fits. Maybe our puzzle pieces pinch each other, poke each other, punch each other, or appear to oppose each other; but at the end of the day they always come together to form a masterpiece.”


  1. Barbara Perez

    When I heard your story on the news my heart broke for you and your family. I don’t know you personally but I pray for you and your baby boy. Know that Ralf is right there by your side giving you the strength you need. Vent all you want we are hear to here you out and know you have a community of strangers and people you do know praying for you and sending positive thoughts your way. God Bless you and your family.


  2. Claryza

    M- thinking of you often : shared your story and blog at my prayer group meeting tonight. If YOU can still praise God in the midst of this storm others will follow suit and find strength.

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  3. Emma

    Maeghan u are amazing. As I read your blog I cant help but cry you had
    Such a beautiful relationship . Ralf is looking down at you giving u strength to go on. He is your angel.
    May God Bless u and baby Mason


  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! It has definitely helped me to cherish the little things ever since I heard of you and Ralf. You write so beautifully of your relationship, I strive to have a relationship like you!


  5. Sabrina

    I did not know you or Ralf but your story has had such a huge impact on me. I am the wife of a Miami Dade firefighter and the mother of 2….a 9 year old daughter and an eleven month old son. I must say I admire your strength and courage in this most difficult time. Your graciousness has touched me. You are going to be a wonderful mother to your little boy and you both will always have an angel watching over you. Stay strong.


  6. Maria Figueras

    Your words are such a comfort. You make us realize what is important in life, I too, now, am going through a trying time as my amazing husband of 35 years has suffered a stroke 2 days ago. Your words are a great help. I look forward to reading your blog. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up.


  7. Jackie Messa

    I love this. You are an inspiration to love as hard as you can. I find it so amazing how there are little things here and there that you now find that had a meaning. Like the book you had highlighted in high school that your doctor had recommended you read. And now this sign you had bought at TJ Maxx. There are no coincidences. I believe there is a reason, a purpose for everything. Stay strong. There will be tough moments but know that you are not alone. God bless you.


  8. Delia

    Although I am a total stranger, your story and loss has touched me. I hope that god continues to give you the strength to help others like myself realize how fragile life is.


  9. Diana Cardona

    Every night I confess, I look forward to reading your blog and although my heart breaks for your loss, there are glimpses of comfort in your words not only for those of us who who you have graciously invited into your journey (and in the process have bless us) but into your own process of healing. The gifts of love will forever hold you together.
    Not only did your pieces fit perfectly, but love and God sealed it permanently together. God bless you Maeghan Rauf Garcia🙏

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  10. Jill V

    Meaghan……they say God either CHOOSES to fix or make difficult situations in our lives better or he USES the person or situation to serve as his tool to heal or serve others. Our God is using you to teach amazing things to all of us through you and Ralphs beautiful bond. May you find inner peace in knowing that Ralph is in a place where there is no disease or illness that he has to fight. Your separation is only temporary! God and Ralph have left you with a precious gift!!! Your little man will be here soon!!! Keep the faith!!!❤️


  11. Marlene Bocanegra

    Dear Meaghan Ralf Garcia, I know about you through my cousin Danny Collado. Your story is so inspirational to me. Love your stories an look forward to reading your blog. You are truly an amazing woman and very amazing. Am deeply saddened by your has affected me tremendously. If one day i have a loss of a love one i hope an pray i can handle it like you. You give me strength, hope,courage. You have lifted my spirits. I continuly pray for you and baby Mason. THANK YOU! Thank you for being so open and sharing your stories. God bless you an baby always.


  12. Anonymous

    I do not know you but feel compelled to tell you this. I am a nurse practitioner in an ER in Miami. I know how devastating this diagnosis must have been. Seen it before. I am so sorry for your loss. I am also a single mother of 2 beautiful girls who hasn’t had much luck in the love department. Your story makes me realize what true love really is and I will always pray for you and your son. Your son will help you get through this and you will always have a piece of your husband with you. That is a huge blessing! God be with you always and continue to share your story on your blog. It’s a true inspiration to what true love is really like…..

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  13. Gabe

    Although I’ve never met yourself or Ralf, you both are two of the most courageous people I have ever come across in my life. May the good lord continue to give you great strength in these trying times. I am beyond certain that Ralf is looking down on you and is extremely proud.

    God Bless,

    Phil 4:13


  14. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing all your personal thoughts we us (even strangers like myself). You really put life in perspective!! May you keep finding strenght to brighten your path each day.


    • Isabel Balius

      Like reader posted. I too have never met you. Firts heard of your husband when the news reported your husband story. Your words are heart felt and totally beautiful. My god and your your guardian angel continue to watch over you and yiur precious little baby. God Bless…


  15. Gisela

    My heart aches when I read your blog, but I truly believe your beloved Ralf is in heaven directing your process to grieve and heal. God Bless


  16. Maria

    Thank you, Maeghan for sharing your sorrow and your happy memories of Ralf. I pray God continues to give you the strength you need for each day. Blessings


  17. Lily Garcia

    I’m truly speechless…. I don’t know you personally and the first time I heard about your and Ralf’s story I couldn’t stop crying and every night I would go to your Facebook page and read your post, I would cry every night, it was so hard for me to understand how our lives can change in a heart beat, but was really chocking to me was the strength and courage you’ve had in this situation. People say God chooses its strongest soldiers for the toughest battles, and you are the strongest of all. The way you describe your love for him is so unique and inspiring. Since I started reading about your journey and going through this sorrow, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life and I want to thank you of it. You are an inspiration of what any women would like to be smart, loving, caring, humble. May god bless you and baby Mason, remember not only you have God in heaven Ralf it’s also there, I’m sure he will give you the strength you need. Thank you so much because by doing blog you give each of us an awaken call, and I reach appreciate it. God Bless you Maeghan.


  18. Nancy R.

    the little things do count. Those everyday things that we take for granted. You have shed light on things which I myself take for granted.unfortunately many times we live our lives on a time crunch. Doing things that need to get done and not even realizing what you’re doing. Ralf will always be by your side. His purpose here was served, his legacy will live on through Mason. He will continue to guide and protect you, he will send you messages whether it be through songs as he’s done, through dreams, or even through gestures that Mason will do that will remind you of him. You have shown grace and courage when others would have shied away. You have been strong when others would have been weak. Thank you for sharing your thoughts , trials & tribulations We are reading and praying for all involved. May God continue to guide and protect you. I strongly encourage you to consider writing a book. Your writing is beautiful and heartfelt. Title could be: a never ending love! You never know you might have found your new journey in life! Continue to enthral yourself in your faith as God will get you through this.

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  19. Meaghan, you are an inspiration to every person who reads your blog. I know you must be a woman of great faith as is manifested by each and every word you write. Rest assured, God and Ralf are watching over you and Mason. May you always be surrounded by the peace you transmit. God bless.


  20. Laura

    Wow! Once again, I’m speechless. Ralf couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for reminding us all that the little things are what really make up the big things in life.


  21. Romina Hernandez

    Hi Maeghan,
    I find myself thinking of you and Ralf in so many little things of daily life , I to try and imagine what ache you must feel when you go through your day , and it breaks my heart for you, you are such an inspiration for so many people that are sharing your journey firmly I believe that you will SOAR through this SORROW! God bless you and baby Mason ❤️


  22. Alex

    I think that you are an amazing woman. I can see that the love you shared was special and unique. May God and Mary bless you, Ralph and Baby Mason. With Mary in all things.


  23. Alex Nunez

    Love how you love each other! The little things are the big things 😉 I love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing, continued prayers for your peace and strength. xoxoxo


  24. Maeghan, I think both you and Ralf have a way of putting things into words so beautifully. You are an inspiration. You’ve made appreciate all the little things in my own marriage, even the things that drive me bonkers. Joel also seems to have an aversion to waste baskets and hampers. I’ll find that there are socks missing their match when I fold the laundry, only to find the missing sock(s) later in some obscure location. Your stories of your love are wonderful to read and really wonderful of you to share. Thank you so much!

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  25. Nancy

    Maeghan, what a gift God has given you! Your writings are amazing. You have a way with words to express your feelings that touches deep in the soul. I can’t help crying as I read your blog. I hope you continue with it as it is such an inspiration to do many of us. Ralph had amazing wife and Mason is blessed to have you for his Mommy! God bless you.


  26. Inspired By You!

    As I continue to read your posts I find that I am completely taken aback by your poise, your grace (under fire), and your ability to assimilate the life-changing events that have rocked your existence like a massive, devastating, and completely unexpected earthquake in a manner that has inspired many complete strangers to love more, forgive more, cherish more, and become more cognizant of those we love. Having said that, with all the negative that plagues us on a daily basis, you have managed, with your story and your words to captivate, inspire, and motivate friends, family, and strangers alike. May our good Lord continue to Bless you and guide you through this journey, sweet girl! You will emerge from this fog as you said, one breath at a time! YOU INSPIRE ME!!💗

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Michelle Cruz

    As I sit here reading your blog for like the 20th time. I find myself crying because the way you loved and are pouring your heart is so beautiful. Love every bit of every blog. Continue sharing this helps so much. May God continue to give you the strength you need on this journey. May god bless you and baby Mason.


  28. Brad Jones

    Thank you, Maeghan for sharing your sorrow and your happy memories of Ralf. I pray God continues to give you the strength you need for each day. Blessings


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