The Terrible Twos Have Arrived!

Two years and almost two months ago, my heart was shattered into a million pieces. I believed that it would never be whole again; that the pieces could never fit together the way they once did. I had accepted this to be my new reality for the rest of my days. Then, exactly two years ago today, a nurse placed a beautiful, healthy, dark-eyebrowed baby boy on my chest. From the moment I laid eyes on him, heard his voice, smelled his sweet baby smell, I was reawakened.

Not only did he mend the unmendable – he expanded my heart and filled it with more love than I ever imagined possible.

He saved my life.

Watching him grow, witnessing his personality develop, seeing the world through his innocence, is proving to be one of the greatest adventures of my lifetime. Everyday I am amazed by how incredibly smart he is and by how much he resembles his Daddy in Heaven – both in looks and in personality. His smile brightens even the gloomiest days, and the sound of his laughter brings me a joy that I simply cannot describe with words. He makes my heart smile on a daily basis. Even on days when it doesn’t want to, or times when the arrival of the “Terrible Twos” is very evident.

Happiest of birthdays to Mommy’s Little Man! You will never know the depth of my love for you.


Mason's 2nd Birthday



8 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos Have Arrived!”

  1. He is beautiful….. and looks so much like ralph. May god keep blessing you and your baby…..
    Happy bday to Mason


  2. Beautiful child, very lucky to have you as his mom. God bless you both always!
    Thx for sharing❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. Thanks for letting me know how you are doing. Since Nick graduated I have been wondering about you. I am glad that you are back and happy to see all is well considering.


  4. He is a beautiful boy and looks like his dad I am glad you are doing better Happy Birthday to both of you have a blessed day💓


  5. He’s beautiful. Looks so much like his daddy. Glad you’re back and doing better. Blessings to both of you

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