Living in the Now

Earlier tonight, I was snuggled up behind Mason as I lay with him in his new car bed waiting for him to fall asleep. He was facing away from me and my arms were wrapped tightly around his delicious little body. Somehow my hand inadvertently ended up perfectly wedged between the mattress and his chest, and I could feel every beat of his tiny heart on my fingertips. I usually leave shortly after I’m sure he has dozed off into dream land. But tonight, I lingered for a while longer…

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One thought on “Living in the Now”

  1. You are so young but yet so wise. Everything you are saying is true. My son is 14 now and I miss those toddlers years where I was his world. About your comment that you do not think you can’t care for another child, you will be amazed how God always provide for us mothers to be able to handle more than one child. Continue trusting in Him.


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