To My Fellow Imperfect Parents

A couple of months ago, while sitting in the waiting room at my dentist’s office, Good Morning America was on the television. Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon were the featured guests, and they were talking about their experiences raising their children. Kyra said something that I thought was pretty powerful.

She stated, “They’re born kind of perfect, you just have to try not to mess them up too much.”

Wow. Isn’t that the truth? But then again – it seems like a lot of pressure and responsibility, doesn’t it? Then I thought, “Oh God, am I messing up my kid?!” And once again the self-doubt settled in…

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4 thoughts on “To My Fellow Imperfect Parents”

  1. You are so right!.. I have found myself reacting to things the same way you reacted to your neighbor request. I need to practice tolerance and understanding!.. I think the older one gets the less tolerance one has. I believe we start loosing the love we should have for everything and everyone that surrounds us. And that is something we should avoid, our love to each other should always be boundless!.. have a great week sweet Meaghan!


  2. Hello Meghan: I couldn’t read the post!.. it is directing me to a different site. But for what I could read it seemed very interesting. Do not doubt yourself as a mother. You are a great mother to Mason and looke up all the time to Him for guidance!


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