Along the Broken Road

Love After Life

We never met while you were here on this Earth, but I feel very connected to you. You were the love of the man who now holds my heart. Like him, I have suffered the loss of a great love of my life.

I completely understand how he yearned for you, cried for you after you left – and how a part of him always will. I understand how even now he can be having a completely “normal” day and suddenly see your eyes in the face of a stranger or hear your laugh in the line of a song and be swallowed up in grief all over again. I understand how he may feel guilty at times because his mind occasionally has trouble justifying his right to be in love and feel happy again, even though his heart of hearts knows that happiness is what you would have wanted for him. I understand that while his soul overflows with pride and gratitude every time he gets to witness and share in another milestone with Mason and me, that there is an underlying, eternal ache for all the missed moments that he should have had with you and Anthony. A pain that is ever present but that he has learned to live with because he’s had to.

I understand that I will never be you, because, how could I be? You were the only you there could ever be. And from what I’ve been able to gather from stories, pictures, and my own imagination, you were special and beautiful both inside and out. I understand that he doesn’t need or want me to be you, either. His heart has grown despite his suffering and has made additional room for me, with your space completely intact forever. As it should be.

You were you and left too soon. It was completely out of your control.

I am me, and I’m still here. And while it’s impossible to know for how long, I hope to honor your legacy by giving him all the love you planned to. I know that I can, because it’s the same love that I envisioned giving to Ralf until old age. But like you, he had to leave sooner than anticipated.

We move forward into this unpredictable life, but you are and always will be a part of our story.

So will Anthony.

So will Ralf.

And what a crazy, tragically beautiful story it is.

I hope we make you proud.


  1. Cris from Brickell

    Wow! I’m so moved by this, literally brought tears to my life. I haven’t experience nearly what you have but empathize with you deeply— you have a gift with words, translating searing pain into beautiful lines.


  2. Zuy

    Maeghan you are so awesome, but by far this post is the best, putting all pieces together, a true gesture of humble and unselfish love. AMAZING!!


  3. Such beautiful words….Our beautiful angels, Erica and Anthony, were very special and our hearts will always ache for them, as will Vinnie’s…..and yours for Ralf. We are so happy that Vinnie found you and Mason (I am sure that divine intervention had much to do with it)…..May God Bless all of you and thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts with all of us.



    Maeg! I just left to Orlando. Do you have plans Sunday? Maybe we can keep in touch would love to see you guys and stop by on the way down.

    > >


  5. Lourdes

    Meagan, you are one amazing woman! We have never met but i know of you through many circles: Lourdes, Columbus, UMH. I am not a widow and i hope not to be for a long time but by reading your posts, i know who will inspire me to look forward and move on. Vince is lucky to have found you and Mason will be proud of the mommy you will be to him!


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