Along the Broken Road

For My Forever Hero

As many of you know, the anniversary of Ralf’s passing is approaching.

A few weeks ago, his father spoke at a firefighter symposium in Miami. When he told me about it, I expressed wanting to contribute somehow, but wasn’t sure what I could do. Then, the idea for this simple video came to me.

I share this not to make anyone sad, but rather to hopefully drive home a message that needs to be heard. If it inspires one member of the fire service – or one nagging and loving spouse, parent, or family member – to push for further education of the risks our firefighters face and to fight for the protections that they so deserve, then it has served a purpose.

Trust me, I’ve been there. You don’t actually think it can or will happen to you or the people closest to you.

Until it does.

How I wish that we’d known more, sooner.

As they say, when we know better, we do better.

Let’s work towards that.




  1. Teresita Mestre

    There should be more information about cancer risks for firefighters. It should be a requirement, part of their training. Also available to the general public. I actually never heard of it till your tragedy came about.
    Touching in another matter, it is amazing how much Mason resembles his father!
    Love to you, Meghan.


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