Message Received

We always said it sounded so cliche yet it was the honest truth –

A lifetime together in a blink of an eye; that’s how it always felt with you.

Now the same can be said for the time I’ve been gone.

Can you believe how many years have passed?

Everything’s changed yet it seems like an instant since we held each other last.

It was all such a whirlwind, how could we predict that so much would be left unsaid?

But I need you to know I heard your love in the silence, felt your devotion in every tear that you shed.

You knew me better than anyone, the real me beneath the surface.

You pushed me to follow my own dreams, you helped me live my life’s purpose.

We had so many plans, I know. And I’m sorry I couldn’t stay.

There is absolutely nothing more you could have done, so please put those doubts forever away.

I’m sorry for all that you went through but honestly I wasn’t surprised

To watch you move forward with strength and such grace,

The way I always saw you through my eyes.

I check in from time to time, and I believe you know when I’m near.

An old joke or memory pops into your mind; it’s me whispering into your ear.

I never worry about you, because I know you’ll always be fine.

Still, here’s what I want YOU to remember if ever a doubt enters your mind:

You’re resilient and worthy of the life you’ve created.

From the ashes you built life anew.

But most importantly, above everything else, I’m so incredibly proud of you.

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