Soaring Through Sorrow…still!

Those of you who have followed my story from the beginning know that I unfortunately deleted the original blog site I had created ( I made that decision on impulse when I was dealing with some difficult emotions, and I have greatly regretted it. At the beginning of 2017, I decided that I wanted to start writing again and was so disappointed to find out that there was apparently no way to reactivate my site, so I created this new one (

After explaining my story to a very kindhearted soul the other day, he was gracious enough to make an exception for me and…reactivate my old site! I was so thankful and appreciative!

Here’s the bummer, though. With my new site, I am using an upgraded plan that offers more features and the ability to have my “.com” so that the address is easier to find and remember for my readers. Unfortunately, I am unable to do that for soaringthroughsorrow because that domain name is unavailable. So, I’ve decided to stick with this new name.

But here is the great news! The person I spoke to was able to transfer all of my previous followers, both through WordPress and through email, to this new site!

If my words are reaching you for the first time in a very long time, I want you to know how genuinely happy I am to be able to share my journey with you once more – as I continue to soar through sorrow along this broken road called life. I hope you will continue to follow and find inspiration here.

I’ve got lots of thoughts to share and big plans for this year – so stay tuned!

Ralf Angel